Rajmund Krakowski

98-113 Buczek, Gucin 12
tel. +48 43 67 74 033
fax. +48 43 675 01 77
Firma Handlowa GUCINEX
Rajmund Krakowski
Paweł Poraniewski
Spółka Jawna

Gucin 12, 98-113 Buczek
tel./fax +48 43 67 74 033

Induction hardering


We offer the service of induction hardening of shafts, bushes, gears and other pieces. 

We own a digitally controlled INDUCTOSCAN IFP induction hardening machine, wich enables us to harden the whole range of workpieces: startiong from simple shafts and bushes through gears (tooth by tooth) as well as cones rollers.At present the device is adapted to harden rotating elements in the length of 880mm (maximum length of a piece up to 1700 mm), to 600mm in diameter and weight up to 250 kg (the greater ones upon arrangements). We can take up a mass production (device has multiple loading tool, which significantly speeds up the hardening cycle), as well as the unitary production, using to a large extent the flexibility in the configuration of the device. The control unit assures 4 working axes (XYZC) and possibility to a smooth parameters change of hardening current in the work (power 5-150kW, frequency 4-40kHz), as well as the precise control of hardening parameters (including the amount of energy introduced into the hardened element) our hardening heater provides an excellent repeatability of the obtained results, unavailable for the traditional equipment of this type.


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